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From the Mouths of the Babes -

Children are just amazing. They can come up with incredible ideas that are intelligent, candid and unique. This page is dedicated to children - their art, their ideas, their achievements. We will be so honored to have your child's art grace this page. If your child has something to contribute to this page, please contact as at Budding Wizards at Shopdrops.Com

We will continue to discover young artists and feature their work on this page as an inspiration and motivation for other gifted and achieving kids.
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Becoming  A Butterfly
Becoming A Butterfly

Dorothy K graduated class valedictorian from her elementary school. At her commencement speech, she gave some truths about the metamorphosis of "BUTTERFLIES".

A Google Story
A Google Story

Andrew is an 8 year old boy who just loves to dabble with MS Office toolkits, Google searches, and the simplest software programs and make them into games. Read an unedited story from the mind of this eight year old.

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