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Cosme Proud Easy and Simple Skin Care Treatment

Here's the answer to every woman's dream - the advanced skin treatment series from Cosme Proud Collection - the Gold and the Platinum Brands. And the bonus part is it is a simple regimen you can easily follow.

"Gold Revitalizer" is Cosme Proud's finest natural peeling product suitable for all ages. The platinum-infused "Platinum Deep Treatment" emits negative ions and maintains skin balance. Both areb carefully selected from Cosme Proud's exciting original products - products that you won't find anywhere else - and which you will always look for because they truly deliver what they were designed for.
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Step #1
After washing the face, spread product evenly throughout area and lightly massage into skin until Gold disappears. Let dry for 30-60 seconds.

Step #2
Massage again. When old skin cells start to come off, rinse away with cool or tepid water.

Step #3
Finish off with Platinum Deep Treatment or skin lotion. Application of a small amount of Gold Revitalizer is also effective.

Note: Apply product two to three times a week if used as a soft peeling massage treatment. After massage, product may also be used as a refining cream. The product may be substituted as a regular refining cream on non-massage days (also possible to use other brand creams).

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