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Tea and Company - A Ceremony of Traditions

Make tea time one happy and relaxing daily ritual. Experience our traditional Chinese Tea herbal packs in these delightful delicate tea service selected just for the tea ceremony. Taste first hand why the Chinese always sip their tea hot. Find out why. Is it for the Chinese tea's natural gifts of energy?
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"There are few hours in my life more agreeable than the hour
dedicated to the ceremony known as the AFTERNOON TEA." - - - Henry James

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Tea Tradition
Tea Tradition

There is much more to the history and use of herbs and teas. Certain Herbal Teas, like Green Tea are linked to decreased cancer risk - Ginseng for energy. Are you ready to experience the natural healing gifts that tea can bring?

Tea Service
Tea Service

The charming ritual of tea is a pure delight with a well-dressed tea service. Make your afternoon tea rituals pleasant and colorful with a tea service that is as charming and elegant as the tradition of tea!

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